Create superior television content, together, faster!

from brainstorming and scripting to broadcasting and beyond.



Gather and organize ideas, enrich them with media. Collaborate, annotate, comment on each other. All content stays in one location, on one platform.


Drag and drop your content in our tv-script. Structure your script. Read your show with graphics and clips inline. Time and try out for a live audience.


Connect the recording studio to your content via the API: teleprompter, game software, playout, graphics computer … No more USB sticks, hard drives, wetransfer…


Handle rights and export info to the broadcasters scheduling software. Archive or export to other format buyers with one click.

Seize all the tools and processes you need

and create superior content for television shows

Despite major technological progress in the television landscape – like HD, 4K, 8K – there are still no innovative and fully integrated tools to support television production teams in creating content and managing workflows. TinkerList bridges the gap between the writers room and the recording studio. It streamlines the entire process from early ideation to scripting, from recording to royalties handling. It is the first unified, online platform, for creative television teams!

No extra hardware, system software or heavy training required. Collaborating in TinkerList is fun and efficient. Increase your margin up to 25% by shortening production times, by saving on software licenses that only provide part of the solution and by fully monetizing your creative content. TinkerList brings order out of chaos for you to win up to 40 hours per episode. More time to rock and roll in the green room!

When I reflect on how we worked before TinkerList, this was really old-fashioned.. Finally, we are making television like we should in the 21st century. Now we are using TinkerList from the start of an idea until recording in studio. If you imagine how unwieldy we worked before, with TinkerList we took 17 steps ahead!

BartCannaertsBart Cannaerts, Showrunner, Panenka

In every feature, you notice that TinkerList is made by TV makers. The platform really invites to work collaboratively and creatively. And that’s mostly because of the ease-of-use and the work logic. I am absolutely no geek or early adopter, but even for me TinkerList is extremely usable and logical.

ward-45x45Ward D’Hulst, Showrunner, Allesweter

TinkerList is a completely new way of television making. The flow remains the same but with TinkerList, we can focus 100% on creativity and the end result. We couldn’t do without it anymore.

SemHellemont_AlaskaSem Van Hellemont, Lead Producer, Alaska

Propel through the content production chain

and enjoy making television together, faster!

One unified platform

Tinkerlist offers one unified, online platform, in which everyone of the editorial team (editors, copywriters, graphic designers,…) and the production crew (director, producer, technical operators,..) can collaboratively create and adapt content during all stages of the television production process.

Content is stored in one location, accessible for all team members, to annotate, review and collaborate. Moving content through the production chain is as simple as drag-and-drop. No more need for copy-pasting.No more need for messing with hard drives and USB-sticks.

“TinkerList was a huge help in the process of making ‘WiFi in Tahiti’. Everyone in the editorial team is raving about all the possibilities TinkerList offered and will offer us in the future. We are huge fans and proponents of working with TinkerList in the future.”

BramBram De Ryck, deMensen

Save up to 25% of your time and money

and spend it on what matters most, making great television shows


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TinkerList was selected to be part of the iMinds iStart Business Incubation Program. iStart offers funding, in-depth coaching, facilities and support, next to a safe and stimulating environment to develop and grow our business. Read more about TinkerList as iStarter.


VRT (National Broadcast Flanders) joins forces with startups to boost media innovation.TinkerList is selected to participate in SANDBOX, and gets a unique chance to scale and develop with access to VRT’s infrastructure and technological resources. Read more about TinkerList on Sandbox.




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