Seize all the tools and processes you need

for creating television from brainstorm to broadcast


Gather and organize ideas, enrich them with media. Collaborate, annotate, comment on each other. All content stays in one location, on one platform.


Drag and drop your content in our tv-script. Structure your script. Read your show with graphics and clips inline. Time and try out for a live audience.


Connect the recording studio to your content via the API: teleprompter, game software, playout, graphics computer … No more USB sticks, hard drives, wetransfer…


Handle rights and export info to the broadcasters scheduling software. Archive or export to other format buyers with one click.



Put your ideas into TinkerList. Simply drag in text, pictures and video from the internet. TinkerList keeps track of the original sources of your content.



Work with your team to order your ideas. Comment on other team members work. Annotate them with custom icons or colours. Changes are synced real-time. Send messages to your fellows.


Structure Content & Add Interactivity

Build cards and forms yourself, to structure your content, with the TinkerList template builder. No technical knowledge is needed, but geeks are welcomed too.



Write your tv-script without creative limitations. Structure your script with slugs and segments. Drag & drop all your rich media content in this tv-script. This script becomes the center of the television production.



Collaborate with your entire team, in real-time, to create rundowns. Synced with all devices. Specify estimated timing, track actual timing and front and back time will be automatically calculated. Update estimated times on the fly even when live. Keep your crew on the same page by following the cuer. Keep overview of all the key elements and current status with the navigator. Customize columns. Enrich with media.



Prompt your script. Pull content directly from your rundowns and scripts, updating in real-time as changes are made. Script navigator. Prompter quick messages Manage script content visibility.


Presenter Tablet

Navigate through all the script cards. Synced with the rundown and script. Receive instant messages from the crew. Highlight important content. Keep notes for each card. Content enriched with media.



Trigger media from a tablet cue app. Streaming to studio outputs. Synced with the rundown and script.



Test your television show in front of a test audience with one click. Stop copy paste. Mark up text for the teleprompter from your script. Generate cards for talkshow hosts, print director scripts.



During recording, all devices can connect to the TinkerList API: the teleprompter, the EVS playout, graphics computers. TinkerList provides APIs for third parties to access content. No need to exchange excel documents or filemaker files. All devices can read from TinkerList directly.


After Broadcasting

After broadcasting, TinkerList simplifies the handling of copyrights. Provides a tool for the management and exporting of rights and royalties. Archiving is done with one click.


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